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What are the basic rules of field hockey?

There are a few basic rules for the sport.  Athletes can only use the flat side of the field hockey stick when playing.  Athletes cannot use their feet or body during play-only the stick.  

What equipment is needed to play field hockey?

Besides a field hockey stick, athletes will need a mouth guard, shin guards, and cleats.  You can purchase all equipment at any sporting goods store and soccer cleats and shin guards are perfect!  Cleats are strongly encouraged to protect athlete's knees and promote safety.

I am left handed-does that matter?

No-there is no difference in field hockey sticks or play based on dominant hands.  

Is Field Hockey Like Lacrosse?

No-this is a common misconception.  Field hockey is very similar to soccer and is played 11v11 (or 7v7 for younger athletes) and has 10 field hockey players and one goal keeper.  Many formations and strategies from soccer can be applied to field hockey.


Do I need a stick to participate?

No-we provide sticks to athletes to use during our sessions.  Coaches will always have sticks at sessions.

Are all field hockey sticks the same?

No-sticks are designed for different positions and playing levels.  Stick basics include carbon content (how much carbon is in a stick) which helps with power on hits, stick bow (how much of a bow and where the bow is located on a stick) which helps with ball control and lifting, and level (what level of play the stick is designed for).  Our coaching staff is very knowledgeable about sticks and happy to answer any questions you have.

Where can I buy a field hockey stick?

We retail Harrow and Dita sticks at a club discounted rate.  We also have several demo sticks that athletes can try before purchasing.  This allows the coaches to help athletes find the right stick for them and make a smart investment.  Just contact Coach Anna ( to test or purchase a stick.


Do I need a USA Field Hockey membership for travel tournaments?

Most tournaments Frontier participates in are USA Field Hockey sanctioned events and require a current membership for the athlete.  To complete your membership you can click HERE and follow the steps to register.

Who is USA Field Hockey?

USA Field Hockey is the national governing body for sport of field hockey in the United States.  They are the primary hosts of travel tournaments for clubs.

Do I have to pay for travel expenses or is that included in the registration?

All travel expenses (unless otherwise stated) are at your own expense.  The registration that you pay will cover the costs associated with the tournament but does not cover travel.

Do I have to travel with my athlete for tournaments?

No-we can work with other families or the coaching staff to chaperone your athlete for travel tournaments. 

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