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Pathway to college

Our Frontier Field Hockey coaches are passionate about supporting your dreams to further your playing career! See the information below (adapted from to get you started. Reach out to Coach Shelby Adams to schedule individualized meetings or with additional questions.



  • Information to include:

    • Contact information​

    • Personal statement

    • High school and club team information

    • Upcoming recruiting events

    • Relevant statistics and awards

    • Transcript and SAT/ACT scores

    • Coach references

You may not have all this information right when you start...that's okay! You should CONSTANTLY be updating your NCSA profile to keep everything up to date.


Begin learning everything you can about playing field hockey in college. Attend recruiting classes, watch recruiting videos, participate in 1:1 recruitment coaching sessions, and ASK QUESTIONS!

step 3: begin your college search
  1. Use the "College Search Tool" in your NCSA profile to begin researching colleges that might be a good fit for you

  2. Filter colleges by criteria you may want, such as certain states, majors, divisions, school sizes, etc.

  3. Make a list of all of your favorites! It's okay for this list to be long, especially early on in your process.

  4. Fill out the Recruiting Questionnaire for every school on your list (for example, here is Ohio State Field Hockey's questionnaire). Remember that depending on the division of the program, you may not hear back from the coaching staff!

step 4: attend recruitment events

It's not enough just to train in the off-season; instead, plan to attend multiple recruitment events each year. You'll want a combination of USA Field Hockey, College Connections/Shooting Stars, NFHCA, and individual development camps or clinics.

*IMPORTANT - OHSAA does not allow athletes to participate in any organized showcases, camps, or clinics while they are in their high school season*

  • Events Frontier Athletes Have Attended Before:

    • Festival

    • Sunshine Showcase (previously "Disney Showcase"

    • National Indoor Tournament

    • National Indoor Festival

    • Bash at the Beach

    • Midwest Madness

    • Regional Club Championship

  • Upcoming Recruiting Events for Frontier Athletes:

    • National Indoor Festival

    • Shooting Stars Jamboree

step 5: communicate with college coaches
step 6: Campus Visits
  1. Send an introduction email to the Head Coach and Assistant Coach(es) that includes some information about yourself, a link to your NCSA profile, and upcoming recruiting events you'll be attending.

  2. Call the coaching staff and be prepared to either introduce yourself via phone or leave a voicemail. Division 1 & 2 coaches CAN talk to you if they pick up when you call!

  3. Send regular emails to keep coaches up to date on your academic and athletic accomplishments, as well as upcoming recruitment events. 

  4. Be sure to respond to ANY communication from coaches promptly, and reach out to a coach if you notice they have viewed your NCSA profile multiple times!

step 7: Prepare academic and athletic eligibility
step 8: maximize financial aid
  1. Use Princeton Review test preparation.

  2. Take the SAT and ACT. Remember that you can take this multiple times to improve your score!

  3. Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

  • Unofficial Visits:

    • Get a sense of the campus and culture

    • Schedule a short meeting with someone on the coaching staff ahead of time

    • Number of visits allowed is unlimited

  • Official Visits

    • Must be offered by and scheduled with coaches

    • May allow you to attend an event and stay with the team

    • Number of visits may be limited (Division 1 level)

step 9: Commit!
  • For the College You Choose:

    • Once you have an offer you would like to accept, schedule a phone call or meeting to let the coaches know of your decision

    • Schedule an official visit and sign your National Letter of Intent (Division 1 & 2)

  • For the Colleges You Don't Choose:

    • Make sure to notify the coaches of your decision in writing and thank them for their time!

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